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Equipment selection before set up wood pellet plant

Wood Pelleting Process Dry wood (8-10%) to the hammermill Feed stock size not to exceed 1-3/16”x1-3/16”x3/8” Conditioner after hammermill for moisture addition Retention bin with at least......

2015-10-10 10:10[Read More]

Production of “high quality torrefied wood pellets” with minimum energy consumption

Is it better to do torrefaction before or after pelletisation? Outline of the presentation Why torrefied biomass? Why to densify torrefied biomass? How to combine densification and t......

2015-10-10 10:10[Read More]

The Beginners Guide To Pellet Production

This beginner’s guide has been produced to help provide an introduction in to the world of pellet production. The guide will discuss the benefits of pellets and how they are produced. It will also ......

2015-10-1 12:12[Read More]

Torrefied wood – a new emerging energy carrier

 Torrefied wood - a new emerging energy carrier History of Torrefaction Torrefaction as a Technology Status of Torrefaction Worldwide The WPAC Torrefaction Project Torrefied Pellet......

2015-9-6 15:15[Read More]

Wood Pellets vs. Torrefied Pellets: Which is Greener?

Wood pellets are widely recognized as one of the most eco-friendly types of fuel nowadays. It means that their qualitу could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the energy production industr......

2015-9-4 21:21[Read More]

Wood pellet mill precautions for daily operation, maintenance and use

1. Die clamp (No.501-0700) (1) Correct ways of installation ① (Fig. P001) First of all, fasten one die clamp with positioning threaded hole on driving wheel, and then fasten another two die clamp......

2015-8-26 16:16[Read More]

Wood Pellet Global Market Report 2014

Global Wood Pellet Market Overview Due to the global economy recovery, the demand for energy is increasing, and wood pellets as a new energy is also highly demanded internationally. In 2013, num......

2015-8-25 15:15[Read More]

How to Choose a Reliable Pellet Mill Supplier

Global Trends In the battle of renewable energies, the economic benefits make pellets a fast growing energy carrier and a popular heating source. With the properties of clean-burning and eco-f......

2015-8-20 10:10[Read More]

HS tariff codes, import duty & taxes and restrictions for Wood pellet

The global average import duty rate for Wood pellet is 3.3%, with a minimum of 0% and a maximum of 20%. Global import restrictions: If the product is made of endangered species, import of this p......

2015-8-19 17:17[Read More]

Maintenance of pellet mill & hammer mill

The hammer mill and pellet mill utilize a number of bearings which reach high temperatures during operation. Frequent checks of these bearings are required to maintain equipment performance and lif......

2015-8-17 9:09[Read More]

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