Torrefied wood – a new emerging energy carrier

Torrefied wood – a new emerging energy carrier

 Torrefied wood – a new emerging energy carrier

  • History of Torrefaction
  • Torrefaction as a Technology
  • Status of Torrefaction Worldwide
  • The WPAC Torrefaction Project
  • Torrefied Pellet Product Specification
  • European SECTOR Project


Commodities Temperature oC Started
Beans (coffee), nuts, seeds

(hot air)

+190 to 280 1000 A.D. (Ethiopia)

1971 (Starbucks)

Thermo- wood (outdoor furniture, decks)  (Steam, hot air, oil) + 180 1980th (Finland)
High calorific biofuels (wood,


(Steam, nitrogen)

+ 250 to 290 1987 (experimentation)

2000 (targeted research)

2004 (proof of concept)

2009 (pilot scale)

2010 (demonstration)

2015 (commercialization)

10 Phases of Torrefied Pellets Production

A.  Pre-torrefaction reactions

  1. Fractionation to size (if required)
  2. Conventional pre-drying of feedstock

B. Inside torrefaction reactor (inert condition)

  1. Evaporation of residual moisture
  2. Heating of feedstock up to +100oC
  3. De-polymerization of hemi-cellulose

C. Post-torrefaction reactions (inert condition)

  1. Cooling and re-polymerization
  2. Crushing to size
  3. Conditioning
  4. Densification to pellets

D. Post-conditioning

10.  Cooling and dust removal


thermal breakdown of wood components

thermal breakdown

torrefaction reaction products

energy balance

torrefaction feedstock

technilogy providers of torrefaction

energy system


pellets made from torrefaction

torrefaction pellets specification

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