High Efficiency Airflow Dryer
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High Efficiency Airflow Dryer

High Efficiency Airflow Dryer,The airflow dryer is mainly used to control the moisture content of raw material before pelletizing. A reasonable moisture range of material can make sure the good quality of pellets. Featured with wide application, this equipment can be suitable for rice hulls, sawdust, smashed bubble flowers, and other granular materials. There is another type sawdust dryers, that is rotary sawdust dryer.

About Sawdust Drying Machine
1. Material: rice husk, sawdust and shredded wood shavings, branches, wood and other granular materials(diameter≤3mm, length≤5mm).
2. Production Efficiency: when the hot air temperature is 180℃,the moisture content of sawdust or rice husk will be reduced from 35% to a 10%.
3. Optional Fuel: wood, chopped wood, coal, steam or electric heating.

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sawdust dryer,airflow dryer,pipe dryer,sawdust drying machine,sawdust dryer machine,sawdust drying equipment,rice husk dryer machine,wood chips dryer,rice husk dryer for sale,hot air dryer

Features of Pipe Dryer
* High Drying Intensity. Due to the high air speed, the material could disperse well, which increases the dry area effectively. At the same time, with the help of stirring, the drying intensity is greatly increased.
* Short Drying Time. The contacting time between wood material and air is very short, the drying time is commonly 0.5-5s. For heat sensitive or low melting point materials, their quality will not be subjected to overheating or decomposing.
* High Heating Efficiency. The wood material and air are flowing simultaneously, which make the temperature of both material and air can achieve reasonable state. Thus, the raw material that its moisture is less than 40% can be drying one time.
* Wide application & high output, simple structure & small-scale occupation, low investment & maintenance.
How Airflow Dryer to Dry the Wet Materials?
The whole system of air flow dryer is a relatively small quantity production drying machine, it adopts instant drying principle, when the wet materials are fed into the hopper, the fuel stove generates hot air, which can quickly remove the moisture of the raw materials, then the dried material will never metamorphosed. Compared with general dryer, this output is remarkably raised.

How to Operate Airflow Dryer?sawdust_dried
* After the installation is complete, open the fan, and check whether the wind, direction of rotation and feed port is normal.
* Check whether the flange joints leak.
* Add the material to be dried into the feed port, large particles should be screened, which is helpful to improve the drying speed.
* Ignite the fuel in the oven, open fan, when the temperature of wind outlet up to 150℃, the wet material are put into the hopper and then be dried.
* The bulk material in the discharge port should be removed timely in order to feed conveniently.

Technical Data of Airflow Drying Machine


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