fish feed production machine line with capacity of 300-400kg/h
fish feed production machine line with capacity of 300-400kg/h,fish feed production machine line,We can also customize different fish feed pellet plant depending on your raw materials and specific requirements.

fish feed production machine line with capacity of 300-400kg/h

fish feed production machine line with capacity of 300-400kg/h,fish feed production machine line,We can also customize different fish feed pellet plant depending on your raw materials and specific requirements.

Our Fish Feed Pellet Production Line is the complete procedure of feed pellet production with capacity of 300-400kg/h. This line is designed for making commercial pellets from corn, maize, grass, grains, protein, molasses and so on, and final pellets with different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients and fine texture, are widely used as aquatic and pet feed like goldfish, tropical fish, catfish, shrimps, dog, cat and etc..

Super automation control, high production efficiency, our Fish Feed Production Line is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms. Complete pellet production lines with different capacities are also available to meet customers’specific demands.

Features of Feed Pellet Production Line
1. Advanced technology, high capacity and low energy consumption.
2. The modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitating the shipment and installation.
3. PLC controlled, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient.
4. Final pellet shapes and sizes can be various by changing the mould. For fish and shrimp feed pellet, the floating time in water can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment.
5. Processing is processed at high temperature instantaneous process, greatly reducing the decomposition of nutrients in feed, at the same time improve the protein (through the degeneration of protein) and starch (through starch paste) digestibility, to improve the palatability of the product.
6. In order to ensure the quality and the capacity, there is the special pressure-increased device. Besides, the electric heating device improve the feed expansion rate.
Details of Fish Feed Pellet Plant
1. A wide range of raw materials such as corn, wheat bran, paddy, soybean meal, paddy rice, sorghum, etc. The raw materials is experienced by the high temperature and high pressure, which can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.
2. Besides floating fish feed and sinking fish feed, this production line can also produce high quality feed for pet like dog, cat and etc., applicable for fish farm holders and pet feed manufacturers.
3. The diameter of the pellets can be from 0.9mm-15mm.
4. Capacity: 300-400kg/h. We can also customize different fish feed pellet plant depending on your raw materials and specific requirements.

Material crushing→material mixing→extruding process→pellets drying→oil spraying process→pellets cooling→pellet packing
Raw materials first are crushed by the fish feed crusher. The particle size directly effects the efficiency of pellet making. Once feeding into the crushing chamber, materials are smashed under the high-speed rotation of hammers. With the high pressure and rapid-moving of airflow, the smashed raw materials are further reduced into particle size or very small pieces for further processing. Therefore fish feed hammer mill is suitable for fish feed pellet grinding in the production line.

Product Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Fish Feed Hammer Mill 11kw/h 300-400kg/h 1350*930*1250mm 240kg



2.Fish Feed Mixer Machine 
Powdery feed materials need to be mixed thoroughly in the mixer to ensure a high-quality of nutritional feed. We provide feed mixer with a single-shaft and twin-ribbon. It reinforces convection, shearing, and mixing effects and is an essential parts of the whole line.

Product Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Fish Feed Mixer 3kw/h 100kg/batch
(required period: 15 mins)
1530*820*1420mm 260kg

3. Extruding 

After mixing, feed pellet extruder will compress feed powder into sized pellets. Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder is the significant equipment with reliable performance, easy operation and cheap price, which is economic for small and medium scale production. Therefore dry type feed pellet making machine are recommend in the feed pellet plant.

Product Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Dry Type Pelletizer 37kw/h 300-400kg/h 2100*1450*1350mm 950kg

Notice: Wet type feed extruderwith the conditioner can also produce high quality pellets in large capacity, which suits for large fish feed factory.

The final floating fish feed pellets are as follows

4. Drying 
Fish feed pellets from pellet making machine need to lower high moisture and temperature. So mesh belt dryershould be equipped in the production line. With simple structure, it is easy to install and maintain, and ideal for fish feed pellets drying.

Product Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Mesh Belt Dryer
Heating power:24kw/h
Fan power: 0.55kw/h
Belt power:2.2kw/h

5. Oil Spraying Process

For acquiring better smell and taste, the oil spraying machine can be used to spraying oil to the surface of fish feed pellets coming out of the dryer. It sprays atomized oil with high speed on the up and down surface of pellets, and the excessive oil can be recycled through filter.

Product Power(kw) Capacity Dimension Weight
Oil spraying machine
Spraying machine:4.0
Oil pump power:0.37
Required period: 10-15mins
1650*1050*1450mm 360kg


6. Pellet Cooling
Hot pellets are soft and easily broken, which can result in a high percentage of fines. By cooling pellets can be harden.Counter flow cooler is cooling type that commonly used in pellet industry currently with the direction of the air and product of pellets in opposing directions.

Product Fan Power(kw) Capacity Dimension Weight
Counterflow pellet cooler 2.2-3.0
Required period: 15mins
2550*1050*2000mm 850kg


7. Fish Feed Pellet packaging
The fish feed pellets are packaged in bags for further transporting and storage. Here you can opt pellet packing machinewhich is suitable for weighing and bagging pellets. Using packaging machine can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and satisfy the needs of large-scale production and meet hygiene requirements.

Product Power Capacity Dimension Weight
Fish Feed Packing Machine 1.1kw/h ≤300bag/h (1-50kg/bag) 2750*950*2940mm 586kg

We are glad to inform you that the machines in our company are produced according to countries or areas.
In order to provide better service and products with you,it's our honor to have the below info about you.

1,Where will your Project Build?
2,How much your Budget?
3,What is your Raw materials___? their size length___width___Thickness___and mositure percent___?
4,Do you need only the Pellet Mill or a Complete Pellet Production lines?
5,What is the Capacity(Ton/Hour) you need?
6,What's your use about the pellet,for burning or feeding animals?
Any other DETAIL request,just let us know.
(Send your Inquiry) We will reply in 30 Mins!


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