Electric Hammer Mill for making feed pellets
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Electric Hammer Mill for making feed pellets

Electric feed hammer mill can grind all kinds of foodstuff and straw, feed materials are ground by impact force of hammers. It is widely used in farm, feed pellets producing plants,etc.This series hammer mills have simple structure, high efficiency, easy to operate, suitable for small feed processing factory and small fish feed pellet plant. It is also a good choice for farmers(electric feed hammer mill,hammer mill,feed grinding machine,feed ingredients crusher, feed hammer mill for feed pellet plant,wood hammer mill).

Feed Grinding Machine Features
1. Simple structure, small area coverage, long service life.
2. High production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise.
3. Reasonable structure, easy to operate, convenient to install, safe and reliable, sturdy and durable, etc.
4. Lower price, higher quality.
5. According to their own needs , user can equip with different storage bag or bunker.
6. Mainly used to crushing all kinds of feed materials and agricultural materials like straws, stalks, etc.

Applications of Small Hammer Mill
1. Suitable for farm, livestock farm , small animal feed pellets plants, rural households, you can use it alone or combined with other machine like electric flat die feed pellet machine.
2. For grinding all kinds of foodstuff, such as corn, beans, sorghum, wheat, etc.
3. For crushing all kinds of straw, such as branches, bark, peanut shells, corn stalks,etc.
4. It is also suitable for grinding pharmaceutical raw materials and industry raw materials like herbal medicine, wood, quartz, coal, etc.

Electric Feed Hammer Mill Structure and Working Principle
Our electric feed hammer mill machine consists of feed hopper, the upper and lower body, rotor, sieve, ventilator, feeding tubes and other components. Raw material are fed from feed hopper and then run into the crushing chamber; they are crushed under the high speed hitting of hammers. Then under the action of eccentricity and air circulation, the materials are discharged from the outlet into storage bag or bunker.

Electric Feed Hammer Mill Technical Data

Main Shaft Speed
Rotor Diameter
Hammer Arrangement
Single Head Cross
Single Head Cross
Single Head Cross
Hammer Number

We are glad to inform you that the machines in our company are produced according to countries or areas.
In order to provide better service and products with you,it's our honor to have the below info about you.

1,Where will your Project Build?
2,How much your Budget?
3,What is your Raw materials___? their size length___width___Thickness___and mositure percent___?
4,Do you need only the Pellet Mill or a Complete Pellet Production lines?
5,What is the Capacity(Ton/Hour) you need?
6,What's your use about the pellet,for burning or feeding animals?
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