Major incident at Cheshire wood plant

Major incident at Cheshire wood plant

A “major” incident has been declared at a wood products plant in Cheshire following an explosion.

The premises of WTL International Ltd in Bosley near Macclesfield is the centre of a major operation by emergency services, with Cheshire Police saying four people are currently unaccounted for.

Several people were taking to hospital and a four-storey building reportedly collapsed following the explosion and subsequent fires. Cheshire Fire Service said about 150 tonnes of wood shavings were involved in the fire.

WTL International processes European softwood residues into several products. Fibretron is softwood processed into uniform fibres for a variety of industries and can be mixed with plastic for use in extrusion/injection mouldings purposes.

Other products manufactured at the factory are Filtron, a natural alternative to traditional mineral filter aids and the Smart Cat cat litter product based on 4mm wood pellets.

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