H1 wood pellet production at high level in Germany

H1 wood pellet production at high level in Germany

Approximately 980,000 tons of wood pellets were produced in Germany in the first half of 2015, as the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) reported. Thus, production in the country is at a high level. However, with this output, production was slightly below the previous year’s figure, with only 19,000 fewer tons produced.

Unsatisfactory second quarter

With only 493,000 tons, the second quarter of 2015 has recorded the lowest production volume since 2011. The drop is of nearly 60,000 tons as compared to the second quarter of 2014. ”The mood among consumers is currently reluctant. Therefore, the consumption of pellets has slightly lagged behind expectations,” said Martin Bentele, Managing Director of DEPV.

Weather and oil prices are factors for a hitherto unsatisfactory market trend in 2015. Storage activities of consumers, which are usually completed in July, shifted this year towards late summer. With this spring’s significantly improving funding conditions of the market incentive programme, it is expected that this fall demand for pellet heating systems to climb.

98% of the pellets produced in Germany are ENplus certified

Bulk purchasing is still the most used form of pellet trade in Germany (86% share). Pellets in sacks were sold in a proportion of 14%, down from 19%. Also because of the unsatisfactory domestic consumption, the export share was 19% in the first half. 81% of the pellets produced in Germany were sold in the country.

More than 98% of the German wood pellets produced are ENplus A1 quality. Almost the entire German production is certified according to ENplus, with more than 100 ENplus licensees dealers.

The DEPV estimates that the number of independent pellet producers in Germany is of approx. 60 with 47 production facilities nationwide.

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