mobile small wood pellet plant
mobile small wood pellet plant

mobile small wood pellet plant

mobile small wood pellet plant,This wood pellet production line can also be called mobile wood pellet plant, since all necessary equipments such as wood crusher, sawdust dryer, surge bin, screw feeder, flat die pellet mill, pellet cooling sieve, bucket conveyor andelectric control cabinet are settled on one foundation frame,saving much space and lowering your pellets production costs. Patented pelletizing technology guarantees a flexible applicability, satisfying customers with different requirements. We can also customize wood pellet plants with other capacities.
What’s the Key Issue of Small Wood Pellet Plant?
For the users who want to run their own pellet production business, a complete pellet plant is absolutely necessary. There are two vital factors of such kind of pellet production line:
1. Profitable. Here, profits can be shown in two aspects. for simple home use pellets makers, they need to make sure the total cost of production should be much lower than the cost of buying pellets from other pellet sellers. For small pellet business owners, besides the cost-saving feature, they need to make sure whether the pellets made by the production line are qualified to sell.
2. Automation. The small scale production usually needs to make the consistent quality pellet at consistent speed. The high automation production can highly cut the costs of labor and increase the efficiency of pellet production. Our mobile pellet production line usually requires one operator to ensure everything’s fine.

Raw materials for Wood Pellet Production Line
This wood pellet production line can not only process wood chips and sawdust, but also biomass materials like stalk, straw, hay, peanut shell, sunflower husk, rice husk,bagasse, palm kernel shell,etc.

Overall Technical Parameter of 400-600kg/h Mobile Wood Pellet Plant

MSWPP 400-600kg/h
Wood Pellet diameter
Pellet density
Material Moisture content
Overall size (L*W*H)
8000*2000*3200mm (20 feet container for delivery)



We are glad to inform you that the machines in our company are produced according to countries or areas.
In order to provide better service and products with you,it's our honor to have the below info about you.

1,Where will your Project Build?
2,How much your Budget?
3,What is your Raw materials___? their size length___width___Thickness___and mositure percent___?
4,Do you need only the Pellet Mill or a Complete Pellet Production lines?
5,What is the Capacity(Ton/Hour) you need?
6,What's your use about the pellet,for burning or feeding animals?
Any other DETAIL request,just let us know.
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