Biomass Energy’s Current Situation In China

Biomass Energy’s Current Situation In China

Recently, 13 biomass power plants in Jiangsu, China are into great loss due to the lack of straw, which causes heated debate in China.

New Energy Boom

Nowadays, biomass energy has become the focus of world, and it is characterized as safe, environmentally friendly and renewable.“Many countries and regions led by America, Europe Union and Brazil, have launched a new generation mainstream of biofuels technology research and development, which occupies industrial development opportunities. This mainstream mainly focuses on cellulose biological liquid fuels, microalgae biological liquid fuels and biological gas.” CAS vice president Zhang Yaping thinks that biomass energy is related to the country’s future development, and that as a national strategy of science and technology power, the Chinese academy of sciences is responsible for this issue.
“Because of the current rapid growth of energy consumption, structural shortage and stressful emission of oil, the development of biomass energy has become the strategic demand in china.” Ma Ronghui, Deputy director of Chinese academy of science said in a report, “if 50% of waste biomass are turned into liquid fuel in our country, it can reduce 30% oil imports and 240 million tons of CO2, and it also can effectively relieve the contradiction between supply and demand of petroleum and the double pressure of environmental protection.”However, compared with the countries that have superior natural conditions like USA and Brazil, land tense, water resources shortage, etc, make Chinese cannot copy the experience of these countries. China must carve a path of development that does “not compete with the grain and not compete with the grain land”.

The First Breakthrough: Raw Materials

“As a matter of fact, for human beings, it is the affordable energy rather than energy that is in shortage.” Said by Yue Guojun, assistant president of COFCO Corporation. COFCO began to set foot in the research and development of biomass liquid fuel in 2006, and it took COFCO three years to find a suitable raw material. Many energy companies in China faces lacking of energy, and raw materials become the biggest problem in biomass energy development.

Biomass Utilization: Multiple Developments

“As for China, the development of biomass energy should be based on the energy replacement and improvement of the ecological environment as the goal, and focuses on waste biomass energy, cultivating new biomass resource potential, and realize the supply of the diversification of resource.” Said by Ma Longlong, CAS Party committee secretary of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion.
As the only renewable energy that contains hydrocarbon in nature, biomass energy should be considered to turn into transmit fuel and chemicals, etc.

China’s Opportunities

In 2011, Sang Tao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany, planted 100000 grasses in Huan County of Gansu. A year later only thousands grasses were alive. However, the results of this experiment made him very happy.
These grasses were moved from central China, but they adapted well to the dry, cold and barren loess plateau. These grasses are pregnant with the next hope of Chinese biomass energy.Sang Tao’s optimism comes from China’s rich marginal land and plant resources. According to statistics, China’s marginal land that can be used to cultivate energy plants is up to 130000000 ~ 136000000 hectares. According to the “Chinese diesel plant” records, 100 species in China are suitable for planting on barren hills, wasteland, and bio diesel plants.In the first two years of the 12th Five Year Plan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences bears a total of 293000000 RMB as the national biomass energy R & D fund, and it has reached the advanced domestic and even international standard on the technology of new germplasm resources with high efficiency and low cost and product upgrading transformation.
We believe that, based on the overall layout and accumulation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China is able to come out of its own biomass energy road and compete with the world in this field.

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